Open Questions to Professor Mr Martin Ingvar. Are you involved?

Open Questions to Professor Mr Martin Ingvar. Are you involved?

Bioethics Truth Commission

Swedish FRA law – the first step towards automated law reinforcement
Bioethics Truth Commission is working to uncover the “dark forces” that are used in the development of strong AI (artificial intelligence), and nano brain implants. This by forcing more transparency and more democracy.

Progressing in strong AI, done on human guinea pigs where the research is hidden behind diagnoses of mental illness can never be accepted.If this situation continues, no one knows what is psychiatric disease or what is the strong AI. It can nerver be accepted that AI and robot technologies should be used for torture and behavioralmanipulation.

Become a wistlelblower to reveal this abuse of emerging technologies!

“Whistleblower” refers to a person within an organization that puts its future at risk by publicly disclosing irregularities.Bioethics Truth Commission expand the concept of whistleblower to cover both inside and outside the business

Reference: Opinion produced on the direct initiative of the EGE
Rapporteurs: Professor Stefano Rodotà and Professor Rafael Capurro
The Chairperson: Swedish Professor Göran Hermerén

Information and communication technologies (ICT) pervade our lives. Thus far, this pervasive
influence has mainly involved devices that we use for private purposes or at the work place such
as personal computers, mobile phones, laptops and the like. Due to new developments these
devices are becoming more and more part of our bodies, either because we wear them (wearable
computing) or because they are implanted in our bodies.
At first sight ICT implants are ethically unproblematic if we think for instance about cardiac
pacemakers. However, although ICT implants may be used to repair deficient bodily capabilities
they can also be misused, particularly if these devices are accessible via digital networks. One
might even think of such devices as a threat to human dignity and particularly to the integrity of
the human body (see Section 5), while for others such implants might be seen primarily as a
means for restoring damaged human capabilities and therefore as a contribution to the promotion
of human dignity.
The idea of letting ICT devices get under our skin in order not just to repair but even to enhance
human capabilities gives rise to science fiction visions with threat and/or benefit characteristics.
However, in some cases, the implantation of microchips is already taking place with the potential
for individual and social forms of control.

Read full report here 

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